About Us

Social Ink allows your favorite celebrity to personally email you an autograph!

The Social Ink platform was built because celebrities love their fans and would love to sign autographs for every single one of you; but reality is that fans live all over the world and with a celebrities busy schedule it's impossible to have an autograph session in every city. Now with the Social Ink platform your favorite celebrity can personally send you an autograph directly from their personal iPad!

Once you submit an autograph request, it sends it directly to your favorite celebrities personal iPad and when they have down time they open your request and personally sign the autograph right on their iPad using the touch screen. How cool is that! After the autograph is signed the celebrity simply clicks a button and your autograph is sent to you via email!

  • Celebrities will personalize the autograph with your name on it.
  • Social Ink will let you know the exact date and time the celebrity signed the autograph for you.
  • Celebrities sign each autograph personally with their own personal iPad.

How does it work?

  1. You submit your autograph request
  2. I personally sign your autograph using my iPad
  3. Once I finish signing your autograph I will personally send you an email with the autograph!
  4. Share it with all of your family and friends or print it and hang it on your wall.